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Jere is a name that comes from British origin. The meaning of Jere is ‘exalted by God’. The name has an English root and is most often used as a name for persons of the female gender. The name is used as a middle name or as a first name. A place called Jere is located in the northern Nigerian state of Borno where it is a local government in Khaddamari town. There is a West Virginia unincorporated community called Jere in Monongalia county of West Virginia in the United States Of America. In the north of Plateau state in Nigeria, Jere (Zele) is a language spoken in the Bassa Local Government area of East Kainji in Plateau state, Nigeria. A royal figure who had the name included the Empress consort of Hong Taiji Empress Xiaoduanwen (with the original name Jere) in the mid-sixteenth century. Jere Abbott was also an art historian and the first associate director of the Museum of Modern Art in America. Jere Allen is a former professor of art at the University of Mississippi and a visual artist. Jere L. Bacharach is a professor Emeritus in History at the University of Washington, Seattle. Jere Baxter the founder of the Tennessee Central Railroad is another notable person with the name. He was also a lawyer, politician, and businessman based in the United States of America. He was a recipient of the Samir Shamma fellow at the Ashmolean museum on two occasions. He was also given a Mellon Foundation Emeritus Fellowship in 2008. Jere Alan Gillis is an actor, stuntman, and an American-born former professional ice hockey player who played for Canada. Jere Wade Morehead is a lawyer and is also the 22nd as well as the current president of the University of Georgia. He was the recipient of the Circle of Excellence Award in 2021 from the Council for Advancement and Support of Education. Jere Sallinen from Finland is a professional ice hockey player who represents his country on a national level and has won the World Championships Gold in hockey on two separate occasions. 


Jere is most often associated with the gender: male.

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J-E-R-E , is a 4-letter male given name.

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