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Jervaise is a gender-neutral name although mostly females bear the name. Jervaise has both Germanic and French roots. The meaning of Jervaise is 'servant of the spear' or 'skilled with the spear'. France, Jamaica, Malaysia and Saint Lucia are the places where Jervaise is most popular. In France, a lot of people bear Jervaise as a surname. The name is also a variation of Gervaise and they share the same meaning. Other spelling variations include, Jervace and Jervase. Some believe that children named Jervaise are career driven, emotional and competitive. There are no notable public figures named Jervaise. A fun fact about the name is, the oldest recorded birth of the name Jervaise was on Wednesday, April 24, 1918. The name is also on the title of Beresford J.D 2019 fiction book as 'The Jervaise Comedy'. The name is Jarvise pronounced JH-erVEY-Z.The religious group with the most babies named Jervaise is Christianity.


Jervaise is most often associated with the gender: female.

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J-E-R-V-A-I-S-E , is a 8-letter female given name.

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