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The meaning of ‘Jil’ means ‘Cold, ice’. It is of Gujarat origin. The numerological number of this name is 4. People who hold this name tend to be stable, calm, detail-oriented, trustworthy, organized, active, responsible, and home-loving. This name is generally blessed with excellent management skills and is also good at tackling complex problems and situations with patience and intelligence. They are unarguable lawyers and can win over any argument. People holding this name have pride and are also down to earth. They are great achievers with hard-working and loyal natures. They protect their close ones and are known to be providers. They are all about fairness-justice and balance in all aspects. These people can be exceptional friends to someone who make them comfortable and happy. However, this name is much renowned in the Northern part of India and not much in other English-speaking countries. The lucky colors, lucky gem, lucky day, and lucky botanicals for this name are all shades of bright blue and grey, sapphire, Thursday, medlar, spinach green, and sage.


Jil is most often associated with the gender: female.

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J-I-L , is a 3-letter female given name.

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