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Josslyn is a spelling variant of the name Jocelyn. Like its root name, Josslyn is predominantly used to name girls. The meaning of Josslyn is 'a member of the German Gauts tribe’ in German. In medieval times, however, this name was wholly masculine. The name Jocelyn itself comes from three male German titles - ‘Gaudelenus’, ‘Gautselin’, and ‘Gauzlin’. That is why Josslyn refers to the Gauts tribe. Their sea-faring prowess and heroism were immortalized in the renowned poem, 'Beowulf'. The word ‘gaut’ comes from the Old Germanic word ‘geutan’ which means ‘to pour’ or ‘flowing water’, further highlighting the tribe’s affinity to water. This gives Josslyn a new meaning in turn. Currently, Josslyn is mainly known as an Olivia O’Brien song from the album ‘Aries Mood’. Josslyn Jacks, a fictional character on the ABC daytime television program "General Hospital," is another way for the general audience to remember this name. She was played by the actress Eden McCoy.


Josslyn is most often associated with the gender: female.

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J-O-S-S-L-Y-N , is a 7-letter female given name.

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