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The meaning of Kaissa is ‘empty' or ‘vain’ coming from the Latin name Cassus. The six-letter name is derived from the Roman family name Cassius, which became more well-known under the name Cassia.
The name Kaissa is mostly given to a girl child. In Latin, the name is associated with the goddess of chess and has different variations of the name, which has spread throughout the African Sub-Saharan region, especially in Cameroon and Chad, and also in different European countries like France. 
A variant of the name Kaissa which is spelled Kaïssa is a popular first name in African countries like Cameroon and Benin. 
This name is also used in European countries like France and Italy.
A popular musician who goes by the name Kaissa hails from Cameroon, with her first solo album titled ‘Looking There’. 
Kaissa is also the first world computer champion, having won the competition in Stockholm in 1974. It was developed by the Soviet Union and named after the goddess of chess.


Kaissa is most often associated with the gender: female.

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K-A-I-S-S-A , is a 6-letter female given name.

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