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The name Kajus is a beautiful name. The meaning of Kajus is ‘to rejoice’. It has Latin origins and it is the variant of the name Gaius. The name is associated with the religions Sikh and Christianity. The people who bear the name Kajus are considered to have a positive attitude towards life. They are optimistic and always try to make others happy. They are very understanding and love the fun side of life. People love to associate with them as they are humorous and talkative. They are jovial and genuine in nature. They are cooperative and good companions. They can spread happiness in their surroundings as they are always positive. The name Kajus is an easy to pronounce name as it is a short name. It is a distinctive name. There are little to no known notable personalities with the name Kajus. Regardless, it is a distinctive name. Parents often love to give this name to their children as they want their sons to be happy forever. The name Kajus is not included in the list of the top trendy baby boy names.


Kajus is most often associated with the gender: male.

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K-A-J-U-S , is a 5-letter male given name.

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