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The meaning of Kibbe is ‘night bird’. The name is ranked 13874 in the list of top baby names. Though this name is very rare, people use Kibbe for boys in several parts of the world. Kibbe is also used as a surname in a few countries. People named Kibbie have a philanthropic vibe and react with warmth and affection. Though they are considered rational thinkers, they approach certain things emotionally. Their belief lies in learning from life’s mistakes; they say it is common to make them. These traits are considered their strength. When it comes to art, they are blessed with an artistic nature. They are selfless and gentle, aside from sensing if something is ethical. Sometimes, they might be seen as self-procrastinating, but eventually, they can motivate themselves with the urge to accomplish great things. The flower Aralea resonates best with their name, as the flower itself is a symbol of gratitude and restraint. The fashion stylist David Kibbe from Italy and Matt Kibbe from America, who is a political activist, are the most famous people who are named Kibbe.


Kibbe is most often associated with the gender: male.

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K-I-B-B-E , is a 5-letter male given name.

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