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The ancient Persian name Khur led to the development of the Persian name Cyrus. When Cyrus was translated into Russian, it led to the discovery of the name Kir. The meaning of Kir is 'like the sun' or 'far sighted'. The name gets its meaning from that of Khur. The ancient Persian name Khur meant 'sun'. When Khur was translated into Greek, it led to the use of the name Kyros whose meaning is far-sighted due to which Kir means both 'sun' and 'far sighted'. At the same time, the name has Biblical references and its meaning is a city or a wall. The name is especially popular in countries like Russia, Iran, and Lativa. Apart from being used as a first name, a section of modern-day society uses the word Kir as their surname. The name is not very popular in the United States but is most popular in the states of Michigan and Pennsylvania amongst all. A famous personality whose name starts with Kir is the famed Soviet-Russian writer, Kir Bulychev. The name is known to be the least popular in countries such as Portugal and Ireland.


Kir is most often associated with the gender: female.

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K-I-R , is a 3-letter female given name.

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