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Kyr is a girl's name but is also often used for baby boys. The meaning of Kyr is 'far-sighted, throne’ coming from Old English with Old Persian roots. The baby name Kyr is pronounced as ‘kihr’.
Kyr is a variation of the English and German name Kyra. Kyr is also used as a surname, which occurs in Ukraine more than in any other country or territory. The name Kyra is a feminine form of Cyrus. Cyrus could have come from the Greek form of the Persian name Kûrush, which could have been derived from the word ‘khur’, which means ‘sun’. Another possible origin is the Greek word ‘kyrios’, which can be translated as ‘lord’.
Famous people named Kyr include American composer Robert Harry Kyr and Serbian painter Kyr Kozma, known as Master Kozma. The name is also seen in Kyrgystan, where a village named Kyr-Jol is present. There's also a Byzantine church in Greece called Monastery of Kyr Isaac. The name also features in the title of the romantic historical novel 'Kyr Ianulea' by Romanian author Ion Luca Caragiale.


Kyr is most often associated with the gender: neutral.

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K-Y-R , is a 3-letter neutral given name.

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