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Kyung is of Korean origin and means 'honor', 'respect'. The name is pronounced as 'KYUNG'. There are many other meanings of this name depending on the combination of characters used. The name is commonly derived from the Korean Hangul letter, 'GYEONG', which derives its meaning from the Sino-Korean word 'gyeong', meaning 'capital city'. Another meaning of Kyung is 'scenery', 'view'.

Related Names to Kyung

Movies & TV featuring Kyung



Yoo Kyung - (2019)

Music featuring Kyung


Min Kyung Hoon
Kim bo kyung
Park Kyung

Locations featuring Kyung

Kyung Bok Kung 景福宮
Kyungpook National University Museum
경동교회 (Kyungdong Presbyterian Church)
경북대학교 (Kyungpook National University)

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