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Lacole is a multi-cultural name traditionally used to name a girl. This name is of American origin. It is mostly used as a first name in the United States and many English-speaking countries all over the world. The name Lacole is a combination of two different American names, La and Nicole. The meaning of La is 'sun' and the meaning of Nicole is 'victory' and 'people' in the English language. In Greek, the meaning of Lacole is 'people of victory'. LaToya Lacole Rodriguez, known by her stage name Toya, is an R&B singer from the United States.

Movies & TV featuring Lacole


Nicola Correia-Damude
Jenna Coleman
Cleopatra Coleman

Music featuring Lacole


I Believe (feat. Michael Perdue & Kym Lacole)
It's All Love (feat. Kym Lacole)

Locations featuring Lacole

L'Ecole Bilingue Elementary School
L'Ecole No 41
L'École Buissonnière
LaCole Salon & Spa

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