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The meaning of Lacy is 'cheerful and unbridled', according to its English origin. Lacy has a French origin as well. The name is commonly used as an alternative to the names Lacey and Lassy. Lacy alludes to the material lace. Lacy may be used as a first name or surname. The surname was brought to England and Ireland during the Norman conquest. It was typically a nobleman's surname. Derived from a Gaulish personal name, Lacy is a feminine name. Therefore, it is generally used by parents to name a baby girl. Famous people with the name Lacy include Lacy Marie Meyer  an actress seen in 'Suck It Up Buttercup', as well as the actress Lacy Fisher, who features in 'Chemical Peel'. The name also belongs to Lacy Moore, an actress who stars in 'Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire'.


Lacy is most often associated with the gender: female.

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L-A-C-Y , is a 4-letter female given name.

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Lacy Loo

Lacy Distant Waterfall

Lacy Distant Waterfall

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