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Lake is a name of Anglo-Saxon origin. It is a unisex name used as a surname and middle name too. The word Lake is derived from the old English word ’Lacu,’ meaning Lake. The meaning of Lake is ‘something related to a water body.’ Initially, Lake was used as a surname until recently; Lake is making its mark as a stylish and unique first name too. The name Lake was used as a topographic surname for a person that resided/lived near a stream, a hill, a church, or any particular type of tree. Lake was also used as a habitual name for a place related to or named with this word. The surname Lake was given to numerous British and Irish baronets during that time. The surname Lake is also related to famous celebs like Lake & Palmer bassist Greg, actress Lake Bell, actress, and talk show host Ricki & Emerson, and many more. Actors Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady chose Lake as a middle name for their daughter Vivian.


Lake is most often associated with the gender: neutral.

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L-A-K-E , is a 4-letter neutral given name.

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