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Laurelle is a sweet baby name that is known by many. It is one of the popular baby names given to both boys and girls as it is gender-neutral. This beautiful name, Laurelle, has an English origin which is cherished by parents as it stands for something good and meaningful. The meaning of Laurelle is 'sweet bay tree or the laurel tree'. This tree is unique and possesses some form of significance to many. The laurel tree is a symbol of victory and honor to the bearer. It identifies the person that bears the name as one who is victorious in all he or she does. It is a beautiful name that parents never hesitate to consider for their babies. As every human goes through tough times and hard moments in life, people believe that those with the name Laurelle are better off than others in such situations as they emerge victorious regardless of the challenges that they face. This is one remarkable thing about naming a child Laurelle as the child grows up believing that he can do anything even if it is tough. Laurelle has gained much attention in many places as children and parents feel is an exceptional name given to those who have fought and overcome many obstacles and setbacks in the past. If you see your child as a champion, Laurelle is perfect for him or her.


Laurelle is most often associated with the gender: neutral.

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L-A-U-R-E-L-L-E , is a 8-letter neutral given name.

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