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The meaning of Leentje is 'bright one', 'light', or 'shining one'. It is a name often used to depict light. Leentje is a Dutch name said to originate from the English name Helen which was derived from 'Helios', the Greek word for the sun. Leentje, although usually used as a nickname for the names Helen and Lena, now stands on its own as a first name. Being an uncommon name in the United States, it is mainly prevalent in Belgium and the Netherlands. Some believe that the name Leentje might have originated from the English name Leonard meaning 'lion strength.' Some of the more popular individuals with the name Leentje include Leentje Zwakhoven, an actor known for his roles in 'Happy Birthday' and 'Familie'; and Leentje Godlieb, a Dutch animal rights activist and caretaker who founded the Seal Rehabilitation and Research Centre in 1971 in Pieterburen Groningen. She was born in Farmsum on September 16, 1941.


Leentje is most often associated with the gender: female.

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L-E-E-N-T-J-E , is a 7-letter female given name.

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