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Lejna is an odd but meaningful name that is usually given to babies of a specific gender. It is commonly used as a nickname for names such as Helena and Magdalena. Using this logic, the meaning of Lejna is 'bright', 'beautiful', or 'shining'. Lejna is less popular than these names, however. According to US records, the name Magdalena has been recorded about 17,000 times, while Helena has been recorded almost 40,000 times. Lejna, in comparison, has yet to be recorded 20 times. Very few people with this name are believed to be as kind and spontaneous. The name Lejna can also be used as an abbreviation to describe them further and reveal more of their qualities. The L stands for lofty, the E stands for exotic, the J stands for joy, the N stands for noble, and the A stands for affirming. These qualities mean that people named Lejna are admired for their ambitions and passion for their dreams. They are people who enjoy bringing joy and peace to others. They are also believed to be knowledgeable people who use their wisdom to assist others in difficult times. Because of these qualities, people named Lejna are tipped to succeed in life as teachers, writers, instructors, scientists, zoologists, or farmers, among other things. The name Lejna is associated with emeralds which are believed to be gems that bring luck to people with the name. Blue is also thought to be a lucky color for people named Lejna.


Lejna is most often associated with the gender: female.

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L-E-J-N-A , is a 5-letter female given name.

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