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The name Liana finds its origins in the Hebrew language and it is predominantly used by parents as a name for their daughters. In Hebrew, the meaning of Liana is 'the answer' or 'my God has answered'. The name also finds alternate origins in the French language, where Liana is said to mean ‘to twine around like a vine’. It is also the name of a vine found in tropical rainforests. Some of the notable public figures bearing the name Liana are the American actress Liana Liberato, who is known for her roles in 'The Best of Me' and 'To the Stars', as well as the Canadian YouTuber Liana Kerzner, among many others.

Movies & TV featuring Liana



Liana, a Pecadora - (1951)
Looking for Liana - (2012)
Liana - (2000)
Liana spezzata - (1922)

Music featuring Liana




Do or Die (feat. Liana Banks)
Everything Will Be Okay (feat. Liana)
Do or Die (feat. Liana Banks)

Locations featuring Liana

Liana's Supermarket & Department Store
Liana Steak Iga Bakar
Liana Padella 東陽町店

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