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Logan is a name with Irish and Scottish roots. It is a popular Gaelic name, which was traditionally used as a surname by Irishmen. Logan is believed to have come from the name O'Leoghain, so the meaning of Logan is 'a descendent of a warrior'. In Scotland, the Logan clan took their name from their home, as they lived in the lands of Logan. In present-day Scotland, this area of land is near Auchinleck, in Ayrshire. Logan is taken from the word 'log', meaning hollowness. When combined with the '-an', the name Logan is interpreted as 'small hollow'. In Scotland, this was used to name Logan, as it was a place with many hollow meadows, surrounded by high grounds. The Logan Clan had their own motto - ‘Hoc Majorum Virtus’ - which meant: ‘This is the valour of my ancestors’. Logan is a popular name amongst Scottish and Canadian families and is commonly used as a name for both boys and girls.


Logan is most often associated with the gender: neutral.

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L-O-G-A-N , is a 5-letter neutral given name.

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