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If you’re looking for a charming and attractive baby name tied to a strong Germanic heritage, you can consider the name Lotty. This is a top-trending name that won’t lose its appeal for years to come. The meaning of Lotty is ‘free man' or 'little' or 'womanly’. It is an alternate version of the Old Germanic name Charlotte. Lotty is also an alternative to the French name Lottie. This name is most commonly used for girls and has Old Germanic and English origins. Lotty is frequently used in Germany, Sweden, France, and Australia. It was ranked 3860th position in 2008 in Britain and 1540 positions in 2012 in Britain. It is pronounced as LAAT-iy- and evokes receptiveness, forgiveness, and optimism. Those who carry this name are very smart and enthusiastic and give great importance to teamwork. They are also adventurous and curious to learn new things. Lotty Ipinza Rincón is a Venezuelan lyric singer and poet. Another famous figure who shares this name is Lotty Hough, a 19th -century actress, and comedian.


Lotty is most often associated with the gender: female.

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L-O-T-T-Y , is a 5-letter female given name.

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