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Mabry is a name that has been commonly associated with girls as a first name. But interestingly it is a surname in Britain and Ireland. The meaning of Mabry is 'mud hill' or 'a fortified place close to a lake'. The name Mabry is believed to be a variant of Mayberry. It has been derived from the words 'mere'+'burh'. The first record of this name can be dated back to 1230. It belonged to an English monk who was also called Abbot of Evesham Abbey. However, according to another set of people, the name came to England along with the conquest of the Norman people in 1066. The people with Mabry as a surname can be found in Marbury in Cheshire. The name Mabry also finds a mention in the book 'Doomsday Book', published in 1086. Coming to the USA, back in 1840, there were 16 families in Georgia with the same surname. The people with this surname used to mostly work as farmers or housekeepers. This name is not as commonly used in recent times as it once was. The name is used by people living in the USA, Australia, England, and Ireland.


Mabry is most often associated with the gender: neutral.

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M-A-B-R-Y , is a 5-letter neutral given name.

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