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Maddison, a spelling variant of Madison and Mathieson's names, is popular in many countries. The name has a lot of interesting meanings. It first came into existence as a British surname and was later used as a given name. Considering this variant, the meaning of Maddison is 'the son of Matthew'. It is also widely believed that Maddison was derived from Maud. Maud is the Scandinavian-Germanic form of Mathilde. The translation of the meaning of Maud comes from Old German to English. The word ‘maht’ means might or strength, and ‘hiltja’ refers to battle. This gives two meanings to the discussed name, the first being ‘strength in battle’. The second is simply the ‘daughter of Maud’. Maddison is a gender-neutral name though it is very uncommon in men. So if you are looking for a fierce name for your baby, go ahead with Maddison!


Maddison is most often associated with the gender: neutral.

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M-A-D-D-I-S-O-N , is a 8-letter neutral given name.

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