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Manae is a Japanese name. The meaning of Manae is 'young plant'. Like many Japanese names, the meaning varies depending on the characters used to write it. Manae is commonly made up of the character 愛 (mana) meaning 'affection' and 永 (e) meaning 'eternity'. The name can also be derived from 愛 (mana) meaning 'favourite' and 永 (e) meaning 'favor, blessing, grace, kindness'.

Movies & TV featuring Manae


Talitha Eliana Bateman
Manae Abe
Manae Kobayashi
Manae Tajima

Music featuring Manae


Ao Manae Sham E Qalandar - Single
Manae in Spanglish (feat. Elisa Bompieri, Gianni Alberti, Lino Megni, Nazareno Aversa)
Chalo Chalo Milad Manae

Locations featuring Manae

Mana'e Goods and Grindz
Manaeesh منائيش
Manaeesh & Saj

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