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The name Marcin comes from the Polish word 'marcin', meaning 'the servant of Mars'. Mars was the Roman god of war and known to be very powerful, being second only to the head of the gods, Jupiter. He was believed to be the protector of Rome, using his powers to defend the city’s borders. The Romans loved to fight, so they had a number of festivals to celebrate Mars throughout the year. The name Marcin also has Old English roots, from the word 'martinus', which meant 'strength'. The meaning of the name could therefore be seen as not only 'a servant of Mars' but 'as strong as Mars himself'. There are a number of variations of this name such as Martin or Martinus. Marcin Patrzalek is the most famous figure with this name. He is a Polish guitarist, known for his unique combination of fingerstyle techniques and using his guitar as percussion.

Movies & TV featuring Marcin



Ewa i Marcin - (2009)
Marcin Macuk feat. Krzysztof Zalewski: Cichosza - (2017)
Disney Aim High, Marcin Gortat - (2012)

Music featuring Marcin



Marcin Swoboda

Locations featuring Marcin

Marcin Hotel
Marcinski Beach
Marcini's Pizzeria

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