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The name Marya is primarily used as a baby girl's name. It has two potential origins, including Latin and Arabic. The meaning of Marya is 'purity' or 'bright' or 'whiteness'. In Hebrew it means 'star of the sea' and 'strong waters'. It is a rarely used name, but its variant form Maria is a name that is popularly used. People named Marya love to live in their own world. They are very much fascinated by good and attractive things. However, they have a high chance of losing their love to an unknown reason. They are very much dedicated and loyal to their partner. The moon sign associated with the name Marya is Leo. It has a fire element with Sun as the ruling planet. There is a charachter named Marya Bolkonskaya in Tolstoy's novel 'War And Peace'. Famous bearers of Marya are American actress Marya Sally Carter and Ameircan author journalist Marya Justine Hornbacher. 


Marya is most often associated with the gender: female.

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M-A-R-Y-A , is a 5-letter female given name.

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