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The meaning of Maurillio is ‘moor’ or ‘dark skinned’. The name Maurillio also signifies deep love and strong affection. This name is generally considered by parents who are looking to name their baby boys. There are about 2,038 people in the United States alone named Maurillio, and the name itself ranks at 7,082nd position on the popularity charts in the United States. This name is mostly used in the English and Italian-speaking countries. Maurillio can be used as both first and last names. Some real life people who share this name are Ralph Mauriello who was an American baseball player, Tami Mauriello who was an American boxer and actor, Francesco Mauriello who is an Italian motorcycle racer and Justin Mauriello who is an American rock singer and guitarist.

Movies & TV featuring Maurilio


Philip Maurice Hayes
Maurílio Martins
Maurizio San Fratello
Maurilio Leto

Locations featuring Maurilio

Rua Maurilio Pacheco Brito Queimadas - Paraíba
Maurilio Cabeleireiros
Rua Maurílio Vieira Ormonde

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