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This name is of Latin origin.The meaning of Maximilian is ‘the greatest’. Two Roman Emperors and many electors of Bavaria have borne this name. Friedrich III who was the Emperor of Rome between 1452-1493, chose this name for his son and stated that Maximilian was a convergence of the names of great Roman army generals, Maximus and Scipio Aemilianus. Maximus was known as ‘the delayer’ due to his strategic thinking against the forces of Hannibal in the Second Punic War. He is also credited and remembered as the originator of many strategies and tactics employed in guerilla warfare. Scipio Aemilianus was another great Roman general, well acclaimed for his military exploits during the Third Punic War. Saint Maximilian Kolbe was a Polish saint and his feast day is celebrated on August 14. Jennifer Lopez has also chosen this name for her son. Austrian-Swiss actor, Maximilian Schell, is another known celebrity to have borne this name.

Movies & TV featuring Maximilian




Hamlet in Hollywood - Die Welten des Maximilian Schell - (2000)
Ein Mann wie Maximilian - (1945)
The Outside Chance of Maximilian Glick - (1988)
The Second Death of Maximilian Paspa Aka Paspin Kut3 - (2016)

Music featuring Maximilian



Maximilian Hecker
Maximilian Jäger
Maximilian Tait

Locations featuring Maximilian

Maximilian's Brauerei (Максимилианс)
Maximilian Brauhaus
Maximilian Hall

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