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Mieszko is surmised to be a Slavic name, and it is primarily used for boys. The meaning of Mieszko is 'glory of the sword'. Some well-known individuals named Mieszko include Mieszko I, the first ruler of Poland and a member of the Piast dynasty, Mieszko Talarczyk, a former guitarist and vocalist for several Swedish bands like Nasum and Krigshot, and Mieszko II Lambert, son of Bolesław I the Brave. Mieszko II Lambert was king of Poland for over half a decade. Others with the name include Mieszko III the Old, a former Duke of Greater Poland, Mieszko Mieszkowic, a Polish prince and son of Mieszko I of Poland and Mieszko Bolesławowic, Prince of Cracow and only son of Bolesław II the Generous. Some believe that people named Mieszko may show personality traits such as honesty, perseverance, compassion, pragmatism, and enthusiasm.


Mieszko is most often associated with the gender: male.

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M-I-E-S-Z-K-O , is a 7-letter male given name.

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