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Ming is a name of Chinese origin. The meaning of Ming translates to ‘shining’, ‘bright’, ‘light’, ‘clear’. This name also means ‘to engrave’, ‘to inscribe’. Another alternate meaning of this name is ‘tomorrow’. This name is popular in Korea, China and Vietnam. A possible origin of this name is from the senior minister, Meng Mingshi, who served in the state of Qin. His name was later taken by his followers and descendants and adopted as their family names. Chinese basketballer Yao Ming plays for the Houston Rockets in the NBA.

Movies & TV featuring Ming




Ming jian - (1980)
Ming jian - (1980)
Ming Green - (1966)
Ming of Harlem: Twenty One Storeys in the Air - (2014)

Music featuring Ming



Professeur Ming
Ana Na Ming
Schwing ming Fott

Locations featuring Ming

Mingshui Xian
Mingxi Xian
Mingguang Shi
Mingshan Qu

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