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The meaning of Naian is ‘eye’ or ‘eyes'’ The name originates from Sanskrit, which is a sacred language of those in Judaism. It’s a reflection of Hindu philosophy. The name doesn’t have a specific origin but could be said to be a variation of the Indian name Nayan. In India, Nayan is mostly a boy’s name and has Sanskrit origin. The other variant of the name is Najan. The name Naian is ranked 2,734 in the overall names ranking. The name is assigned chiefly to boys though it’s a gender-neutral name. There is a commonality of the name in Brazil, and it has three vowels and two consonants. The name has a lot of anagrams which include but are not limited to Nania, Ainna, and Ianan. Naian exists in Japanese as Romaji, Hiragana, and Katakana, and it also exists as a form of a sign and binary language. The name symbolizes the eye or eyes to mean afflicted and beautiful. Naian Gonzalez Norvind, a Mexican actress and writer, is a popular figure that bears the name. Also, the name appeared as one of the characters in the book ‘Travel of Marco Polo’ by Marco Polo, Aldo Ricci, and Luigi Foscolo Benedetto, which was translated into English.


Naian is most often associated with the gender: neutral.

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N-A-I-A-N , is a 5-letter neutral given name.

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