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Coming from its Italian origin the meaning of Natale is 'Christmas', but it can also mean 'birthday'. This name has typically been used by parents who are looking to name their baby boys. Natale can be used as both first and last names. The surname was initially seen in the town of Oderzo. The name Natale ranks at 9025th position in reference to its popularity. 

Movies & TV featuring Natale



Natale in India - (2003)
Natale in Sudafrica - (2010)
Regalo di Natale - (1986)
Ogni maledetto Natale - (2014)

Music featuring Natale


Buon Natale
Costruire per Natale
Buon Natale 2016

Locations featuring Natale

Natale's Bakery
Natalee Thai

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