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Neave is a beautiful girl's name but at times, the boys have also been named with the same name. The meaning of Neave is 'bright'. Neave is an anglicized variant of the feminine Irish name Niamh, which means 'Radiant'. Niamh was a sea god's royalty child as per Irish mythology. Niamh was a stunning princess mounting a white horse who was the daughter of the sea god Manannan and was referred to as 'Niamh with the Golden Hair'. Oisin, Fionn's son, became her lover, and they moved in together in Tir-na-nOg, where 300 years seemed to fly by in three weeks. It ranked as Ireland's eighth most common baby girl name in 2003. The name is much more prevalent in Ireland in its original Irish form than in its Anglicized variant, which is more prevalent in Britain. Neave is another spelling of the name 'Neva', which means 'to snow' and is a purity sign. Latin is also sometimes mentioned as Neva's place of origin. There are also many famous people worldwide with the name Neave such as Neave Brown. Neave Brown was a well-known British architect and artist of American descent and an expert in modernist architecture. Only Brown, a Camden-based architect, has listed all of his UK projects-row homes in Winscombe St., the Dunboyne Road Estate, and the Alexandra Road Estate.


Neave is most often associated with the gender: neutral.

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N-E-A-V-E , is a 5-letter neutral given name.

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