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The meaning of Nichola is ‘victory of the people’. In Greek, the meaning of this name is ‘people’s victory’. Santa Clause is named after Saint Nicholas who is the patron saint of children. Nichola is a variant spelling of Nicholas that is generally preferred by parents who are looking to name their baby boys. Some well-known people who share this name are Nichola Burley who is an actress, Nicola Roberts who is a British musician, Nicholas King Nolte who is an American actor, producer and an author and Nicholas Cage who is famous for his roles in 'National Treasure', 'The Croods' and 'Birdy'.

Movies & TV featuring Nichola


Nicholas Braun (I)
Nicholas Pinnock
Nicholas Gonzalez (I)
Nicholas Brendon

Music featuring Nichola




After Laughter Comes Tears (feat. Nichola Richards)
Ready or Not Here I Come (feat. Nichola Richards)

Locations featuring Nichola

Nicholas Restaurant
Nicholas Restaurant
Nicholas Roerich Museum

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