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Nicola is a name of Greek origin and is traditionally used as the feminine alternative to the name Nikolaos. This was taken from the word 'nikos' which means ‘victory’ and 'laos', which means ‘people’. Thus, the meaning of Nicola is ‘victor of the people’. Nicola was a popular name in Italy during the Middle Ages, where it was traditionally given to noblemen. In Italy, the feminine form of Nicola is in fact, Nicoletta. Nicola only became popular as a girls' name in Europe due to a mistranslation, as they believed the 'a' at the end made the name feminine. There have a number of famous figures with the name Nicola including the famous13th-century sculptor Nicola Pisano, American Actress Nicola Peltz, Irish actress Nicola Coughlan and Nicola Sturgeon, the First Minister of Scotland.

Movies & TV featuring Nicola




Nicola Costantino: Trailer - (2010)
Nicola Benedetti's Indian Serenade - (2014)
Nicola: Cozze, Kebab & Coca Cola - (2016)
Nicola Dore: Ability - (2016)

Music featuring Nicola




Sonata for Violin Solo No.2 in A minor, BWV 1003 - Transcribed for guitar by Nicola Hall : 1. Grave

Locations featuring Nicola

Nicolas Cage Pyramid
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