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The Babylonian name Noah is a name that is known for being a main figure in the Bible. The meaning of Noah comes from the word ‘nukhu’, which means ‘to rest’, ‘peace’ or ‘repose’. Another origin of the name Noah comes from the Hebrew word ‘nahum’, which means ‘to comfort’. Everybody knows the story of Noah’s Ark. Noah was known as the ‘tiller of the soil’. Noah was chosen by God for his righteousness and his capability to build an ark. Noach built an arc that was big enough to hold his family, those chosen by God and all of the animal species, who famously came two by two. In the arc, they sailed to safety and made it through the storm and the flood. God and Noah then made a pact, with God promising to never again send a flood that could destroy all of the world's creatures. God then created a beautiful rainbow in the sky and a white dove carried an olive branch to Noah, symbolizing peace.


Noah is most often associated with the gender: neutral.

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N-O-A-H , is a 4-letter neutral given name.

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