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Noel comes from the country of the Eiffel Tower, France. The meaning of Noel comes from the French word 'noël', which refers to Christmas. The French 'noël' comes from its variant 'nael', which is actually derived from the Latin word ‘natalis’, meaning birth. The Latin term ‘natalis dies’ was used to signify the birthday of Christ - Christmas! Historically, Noel was mainly used to name children born on or somewhere close to Christmas Day. The name is extremley popular in Eastern Europe. There have been a number of famous people with the name. Noel Coward is a famous English actor and director, who now has theatre named after him in London's West End. Oasis' Noel Gallagher and the English comedian Noel Fielding are two other famous Brits with this name.

Movies & TV featuring Noel




Joyeux Noel - (2005)
Noël - (1992)
J'ai rencontré le Père Noël - (1984)
Noel - (2004)

Music featuring Noel



Noël Joyeux Noel
Noël Joyeux Noel
Nutty Noel

Locations featuring Noel

Noélia Doces e Salgados
Noélia e Jerónimo
Noels Ballroom
Noelridge Park

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