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The word Norvin is an English name used that suits a boy the most. During the post-Industrial Revolution era of 1911, the name gained tremendous popularity as a boy's identification. The meaning of Norvin is ‘a friend from the North’. Mostly, British-ers used it for people arriving from the North in their provinces. Later, the Anglo-Saxon name spread across diverse cultures and settled as one of the next decade's most popular baby boy names. The Old German name Norwin is the parent name of Norvin, which also identifies with a friend coming from the northern part of the world. As a short name, Norvin is a great option, even if parents choose it as their child's nickname. Predominantly English-speaking countries prefer the name. Some experts also say that the name bearers project great empathy and are animal lovers. Nevertheless, as a male name in modern times, Norvin is a win-win if you want to mix tradition and modernity simultaneously!


Norvin is most often associated with the gender: male.

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N-O-R-V-I-N , is a 6-letter male given name.

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