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Many parents prefer short, sweet, and easy-to-pronounce names for their little angels. Nyo is a baby boy name that fulfills all these parameters. The meaning of Nyo is 'bright', 'luck', 'well-born', or 'star'. Nyo is the masculine variant of the feminine name Nia. According to statistics, Nyo ranked 2747 overall on the list of the most admired baby boy names in 2022. This ranking indicates that Nyo is an unusual name, perfect for parents who aspire to give their little prince a unique yet charming name. You’ll be glad to know that this unusual name is a well-recognized name in numerous countries of the world, such as Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland, Great Britain, the United States, Canada, Australia, Myanmar, and New Zealand. Nyo Min Lu (a Burmese writer), Nyo Min Lwin (a Burmese actor and film director), and Nyo Mya (a Burmese writer) are some world-renowned personalities with this name. People associate boys christened Nyo with generosity, creativity, elegance, inspiration, charm, liveliness, intelligence, wit, humor, innovation, and determination. It is also believed that those named Nyo will emerge as dramatists, writers, designers, lecturers, music composers, surgeons, and travel directors growing up. Apart from being the first name, Nyo is also used as a last name in numerous countries of the world. Some of them include Myanmar, Indonesia, Cameroon, Singapore, Nigeria, the United States, Thailand, Australia, Malaysia, and Kenya. Myanmar has the maximum population of people with the last name Nyo.


Nyo is most often associated with the gender: male.

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N-Y-O , is a 3-letter male given name.

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