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Oaklee is a gender-neutral name with English origins. The name Oakley is a variant of the Old English name ‘Oakley’, and the meaning of Oaklee is ‘meadow of oak trees’. It is believed that people with the name Oaklee grow up to be strong and independent. Not only is this name stylish and modern, but it also symbolizes qualities like strength, wisdom, and endurance, which every parent would want in their child. Oaklee is pronounced as ‘ohk-lee’ and has a few spelling variations, which include Oakleigh and Oaklee. So, if you arein search of a name that signifies strength, independence, and creativity, Oaklee is definitely a great choice!


Oaklee is most often associated with the gender: neutral.

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O-A-K-L-E-E , is a 6-letter neutral given name.

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