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Are you looking for a name inspired by nature that conveys your baby's down-to-earth and grounded nature? If yes, Oakly can be your ideal choice! It comes from the Old English name 'Oakley'. The variations of this name include 'Oakleigh' and 'Oaklee.' The meaning of Oakly is 'meadow of oak trees'. It is most commonly used in English, Anglo, and British countries. This name was ranked at 4647 positions in Australia and 78376 positions in the world. This name is most commonly used for boys. People with this name are jovial and uplift the mood of others with their light-hearted nature. They are philosophical and ambitious and have an optimistic attitude. This name attracts creativity, assertiveness, and kindliness. The most used variation of this name includes 'Oakley'. Some popular personalities who use this name's variation as their surname include Tom Oakley, an American producer, and actor, and Michael James Oakley, a Scottish musician and synthwave producer.


Oakly is most often associated with the gender: male.

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O-A-K-L-Y , is a 5-letter male given name.

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