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If you're looking to give your bundle of joy a name that relates to trees, Oaks can be a perfect choice. The oak tree symbolizes strength, knowledge, and nobility, and it would make a perfect name for your baby. This name is mostly used for boys and is of Old English origin. It is an alternate variation of the name 'Oakes.' The meaning of Oaks is 'Dweller by the oak trees.' This name has been ranked 66138 positions, and 21 people were named Oaks in the last hundred years. People with this name have intellectual values, and they love nature. This name denotes integrity, empowerment, and insightfulness. Oaks is most commonly used as a second name. Some famous figures who use Oaks as their surname include Jordan Oaks, an American songwriter-singer raised in New England, and Nathaniel T. Oaks, an American politician and member of the Maryland General Assembly. The Seven Oaks Arena is a famous ice hockey facility that opened in 2015. It includes raised spectator concourse, two NHL-size ice rinks, and tournament equipment storage.


Oaks is most often associated with the gender: male.

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O-A-K-S , is a 4-letter male given name.

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