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Olenka is a beautiful name that is gender-neutral. The meaning of Olenka is 'holy' or 'succesful', according to its Russian origins. The name has a vivid background that saw it to be used in different languages and regions. Olenka has roots in the Ancient Greek language. It came from the Ancient Greek name Alexandros, which was built up of two words, Alexo and Andros. The former was a word used to describe a protector or a defender. The latter meant an adult person. Together, they would form the name Alexandros. According to this, the meaning of Alexandros is ‘protector of the masses’. The name was quite common in Ancient Greece. It also carried the legacy of the time, which used names to express the individual’s prowess in battle. The name was also an epithet, which is a title given to the goddess Hera. It was used to describe her as the one who came to the aid of warriors. Naming your kid Olenka might be a great idea!


Olenka is most often associated with the gender: neutral.

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O-L-E-N-K-A , is a 6-letter neutral given name.

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