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The name Olufemi comes from the Yoruba (African language) word 'Oluwafemi'. The meaning of Olufemi is 'God loves me'. The word's primary components are 'Ol' (God, master, lord, or our God) and 'f' (love desire). One of the three incarnations of the Supreme God in the Yoruba pantheon is known by the Yoruba name Ol or Olrn. Olorun, who is frequently equated with the Sun, is the owner of the skies. Ashé, the life force that flows through all living things, is how Olorun's vital energy appears in humans. Femi is most frequently a diminutive form of 'Olufemi,' which is Yoruba for 'Lord', 'Leader', or 'Prominent One' and means 'The Lord loves me'. Olufemi may also be shortened to 'Olwafmi'. The name can also be altered and used as Jesufemi (Jesus loves me), Olorunfemi (God loves me), Nifemi (Have my love), Babafemi (Father loves me), etc.
This name is often believed to suggest a flexible, bright, analytical mind. People with the name, Olufemi are believed to start something on their own rather than working for someone else. Olufemi’s name connotes a highly inquisitive, and searching temperament. They are believed to be driven by powerful desires. They are often believed to not like impediments, wait times, and limitations.


Olufemi is most often associated with the gender: neutral.

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O-L-U-F-E-M-I , is a 7-letter neutral given name.

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