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Orel is a gender-neutral name meaning 'The light of God.' It is of Russian origin and is said to be ideal for a baby born on Hanukkah. In Latin, the meaning of Orel is 'gold' and 'eagle' in Slavic languages. Orel was also a city in Russia founded in 1564 but was destroyed during World War II. A person named Orel is believed to be good-hearted, innocent, and curious. A famous baseball player named Orel Hershiser was a pitcher and played 18 seasons between 1983-2000. He plays poker professionally as well. Another famous personality is Vladimir Orel. Vladimir Orel worked as a professional research linguist. As the name means 'golden' or 'light,' it describes the people or someone who brings happiness into your lives. The name is also different and pretty uncommon from the usual names but can be used by people regardless of age.


Orel is most often associated with the gender: neutral.

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O-R-E-L , is a 4-letter neutral given name.

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