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The name Orselina is beautiful but familiar, and it comes from a long list of similar variations. It is a variation of the name Ursula, and other variations of the name include Orsa, Orsela, Orsel, Orselle, and many more. Like all these names, the meaning of Orselina is little female bear', and most names with similar variations tend to be unpopular. The name Orselina is associated with garnets and amethyst, and these gemstones are believed to bring luck and good omens to people with the name. Purple, violet, and mauve are also considered their lucky colors. The few people with this name are perceived to be mortal and upstanding individuals. More of these traits can be uncovered by using the name as an acrostic. The O stands for openness, the R stands for relish, the S stands for strength, the E stands for exciting, the L stands for lofty, the I stands for ideas, the N stands for natural, and the A stands for accomplished. These traits believed to mean that people named Orselina are people who are genuine and sincere when they interact with others. They are also believed to be ambitious people who have big plans for their futures. They are also believed accomplished because of their hard work and dedication. People with this name are likely to become teachers, artists, or designers, among other things.


Orselina is most often associated with the gender: female.

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O-R-S-E-L-I-N-A , is a 8-letter female given name.

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