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The meaning of Orya is ‘light’. This name is a variant form of the given name Oriya. This meaning is taken from the Hebrew letter ‘ori’, which comes from the name of a God and hence means ‘my light is God’. Light is usually associated with the inhibition of darkness, as it illuminates everything that was hidden in the dark and makes things visible. Hence, ‘my light is God’ refers to God as being a source of goodness among any darkness in life. The name ‘Orya’ is also a combination of two Japanese word elements: 'ori’, meaning ‘woven’ and ‘ya’, meaning ‘night' or 'evening’. So, the name can also be taken to mean ‘woven night’.


Orya is most often associated with the gender: female.

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Spelling of Orya

O-R-Y-A , is a 4-letter female given name.

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Oryantal Darbuka

Oryantal Ritm

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