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Osvald is a boy's name originating from Old German. The meaning of Osvald is 'God's power'. The name Osvald is derived from the Old German name 'Oswald'. It is an uncommon name. This is ideal if you're looking for a unique alternative to the more common name ‘Oswald’. It is also considered a Spanish form of Oswald. In Old Norse, the name Osvaldr or Assvaldr combines two words, i.e., Ass-God and Vald-ruler. People with the name 'Osvald' are independent and are born leaders. They have a charismatic personalities and have no issues making new friends. Some popular personalities named Osvald are Osvald Chlubna: who is a composer from the Czech Republic, Osvald Helmuth: a Danish actor; Osvald Kapp, an Estonian Olympic wrestler; Osvald Moppe Moberg, a Swedish Olympic gymnast; Osvald Polívka, an Austrian, Czech architect and Osvald Sirén: Finnish Swedish art historian.


Osvald is most often associated with the gender: male.

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O-S-V-A-L-D , is a 6-letter male given name.

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