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If you're looking for an uncommon yet meaningful name for your baby, you can consider the name Paradox. This name has an English origin and is most commonly used for boys. The meaning of Paradox is 'a statement that contradicts itself'. People who bear the name Paradox are intelligent, graceful, and intuitive and know how to balance their emotions. They have an interest in mysticism and spirituality and have excellent problem-solving abilities. 'Paradox Of The Actor' is a dramatic essay by Denis Diderot. It elucidates a theory of acting in which it is said that the finest actors don't experience the emotions they are displaying on the screen. Paradox is a German thrash metal band formed in 1986 in Würzburg. Paradox Pollack is a famed actor, movement director, and producer who shares this name.


Paradox is most often associated with the gender: male.

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P-A-R-A-D-O-X , is a 7-letter male given name.

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