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Pase is an odd and uncommon name most commonly given to boys. It is an odd name because it is most commonly used as a surname. The meaning of Pase is 'permit' or 'pass', but the name can also mean 'bike'. Pase is a very uncommon name as well. The name Pase is number 104,423 in the world's most-used surname. It is also an uncommon name because it has many variations, such as Pace, Pasi, Pasio, Paci, and many more. People with this name are often described as quiet and reserved. The name can be used as an acrostic to describe them further and reveal their traits and qualities. The P stands for peer, the A stands for able, the S stands for serious, and the E stands for easy-going. These traits and qualities are believed to mean that people named Pase are calm and laid-back individuals who like to relax with their friends. Even though they like to relax, they can also be serious when it is time to work. They are also believed to be people who seem to achieve whatever they put their minds to. People named Pase are likely to become psychologists, lawyers, or managers, among other things. The name is associated with light-colored gemstones, and people believe that these gemstones bring luck to people with the name. Light gray is also considered a lucky color for them.


Pase is most often associated with the gender: male.

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P-A-S-E , is a 4-letter male given name.

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