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Paulu is a beautiful and meaningful name that is usually given to boys. It is a variation of the name Paul, and the meaning of Paulu is 'small' or 'humble'. Paulu is not as common a name as Paul, however. This is because it is a variation of an already popular name. The few people with this name are described as cheerful and outstanding. More of their traits and qualities can be uncovered by using the name as an acrostic. The P stands for peer, the A stands for agreeable, the U stands for unbreakable, and the L stands for loyalty. These traits mean that people named Paulu are people with many friends who love them because they are so loyal. They are headstrong people who don't let anything in life break their spirit. They are also believed to be kind and respectful to all the people they come across. People named Paulu are likely going to become social scientists, philosophers, psychologists, engineers, public speakers, or leaders. The name Paulu is also known to be associated with gemstones such as black diamonds and pearls. People believe that these gemstones bring luck to people with the name. Gray, purple, black, and dark blue are also considered lucky colors for people named Paulu.


Paulu is most often associated with the gender: male.

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P-A-U-L-U , is a 5-letter male given name.

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