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Pear is an old and interesting name that is usually given to babies of a specific gender. Many recognize this as a fruit, but not many know that the word can also be used as a name. As a name, the meaning of Pear is 'pearl' or 'one who sells pearls', and it has nothing to do with the fruit. Interestingly, this name is more common as a surname, and it has many variations, such as Pearl, Perle, Pearle, or Purle. Usually, when a name has many variations, one of them tends to stand out while the others go unnoticed and become uncommon. In this case, Pearl is the more common name among all these names. According to US records, the name Pear was found zero times out of six million people recorded. It is much more common in the UK than in the USA. The people with this name are considered honorable and dignified. The name can also be turned into an abbreviation to describe them further and reveal their traits. The P stands for pioneer, the E stands for extra, the A stands for able, and the R stands for the realist. These traits mean that people named Pear tend to be rational and sensible thinkers who are seen as impressive in the eyes of others. They always go the extra mile in their work, which is why they tend to be successful people. Because of these traits, people named Pear are tipped to become great businesspeople, scientists, or engineers. An educational technology company is named Pear Deck.


Pear is most often associated with the gender: male.

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P-E-A-R , is a 4-letter male given name.

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